Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hi Team,

I wanted to very quickly ask for some feedback:  Would any of you be interested in listening to a Podcast version of this blog?  Please leave me some feedback!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BODYATTACK 77 Tracklist/Poster

Here's tracklist and poster for BA77. I know 5 of these songs and will be interested to hear the remixes! Yes, track 6 is the Gaga song! Yeehaw! More coming soon!

1. Beautiful Day – London Villian
2. Get Dat Love – Ambitious Tribe
3. Firewire – English Rush
4. My Sharona – Addicted Diamond
5. I’m Machine – B.Ranch & Little G
6. You And I (Technoposse Radio Edit) – Sweat Box
7. Bounce (XNRG Remix) – Klassify Feat. Sensus And Devonne
8. Dominoes – Rag Rhino
9. Mr Saxobeat – DJ Loud
10. I Like How It Feels – Solitary Phase
11. Light It Up – Stan Walker Feat. Static Ravenger
12. Don’t Forget Your Roots – Six60