Friday, December 31, 2010

Fitness Goals for 2011

As 2010 winds down, I figured it'd be appropriate to comment on a few of my own personal goals for 2011. Before I do this, I want to take just a minute to do two things:

1. A few thoughts about goals/new years resolutions: I have mixed feelings about the specialized concept of new years resolutions per se. The new year is indeed a great time to bring you back into focus and act as a catalyst to help you set goals, and make sure that you're working towards things that are important. Having any goal, with a deadline or set time frame, is a great way to keep you on track. Especially with today's world, it is far too easy to get caught up in the daily grind... go through the motions without stopping to ask or remind yourself why you do what you do, what the point of it all is, and etc. So I get the idea of using the new year as a jumping off point.

With that said, I feel like the idea that you can only change in January is a bit of a setup for failure. You can change anytime you want to... anytime you choose. When I ultimately lost 212 pounds, I started in June. Is it a failure because I waited 6 months, or didn't wait another 6 months to start? I look at it as 6 months I saved myself of not feeling miserable. So many people seem to go all gung ho for the first 2-3 weeks of January, fall off the bandwagon, and say screw it. And voila... you've failed. It is important to keep in mind that an important part of ANY journey is having flat tires along the way. You repair and move on, you don't move backwards or quit just because of momentary setbacks. Whoever beat The Oregon Trail without having someone contract dysentery or cholera? Life is not perfect... things get in the way. Don't lose sight of your goals. Make sure that you allow yourself to not be perfect, to not be all or nothing, and you will do fine. I consider 2007 one of the most successful years of my life, despite the fact that I waited until June to start my journey.

2. Reflections on 2010: Before I talk about 2011, I really want to take a second and reflect on a few accomplishments of 2010. I feel like it's important for each of you to do the same. For me, without a doubt two things, professionally speaking, stick out as that which I am most proud of. First and foremost, I discovered my passion in life... or that which I truly intend my career to be. I have never gotten as much fulfillment out of anything as I do with my group fitness career. I love teaching, and have some other opportunities on the horizon for 2011. It is my hope to keep myself dedicated to this industry, and help others change the way it has helped me. Second, along those same lines, I trained and successfully became a certified BodyAttack instructor. It was the most challenging weekend I've ever had physically, but I've never had a more rewarding experience. I've since built my back library, grown by teaching with some amazing fellow instructors, and realized a huge path my life is going to take in the future. I feel honored and proud to be among this group, and I'm excited for further developments.

With all that build up, here are some goals of mine for 2011. I am going to be very specific, and bold. If I don't accomplish everything, it is OK. But I want to declare these things and put them out there. "Anything the mind can conceive, it can achieve." -Napoleon Hill

1. BodyAttack Trainer - I have to admit I never even considered this. I was in deep thought about what my future was going to hold, and it came into my head clear as day... Become an Attack Trainer. I love Attack, I love helping others, and I want to share this passion and grow. I want to interact with others like me... who live and breathe it. This seems like a natural progression. Of course, this is a HUGE goal which will require a lot of hard work and dedication. For one thing, I'm going to have to pass BodyAttack AIM 1 & 2, which means working hard to perfect all technique, build some huge upper body strength, build leg endurance... the list goes on and on. But it's all worth it. I couldn't be more excited for the challenges ahead... and that's one sign of making it happen.

2. Upper body pushups - Towards the last quarter of 2010, I gradually progressed myself to be able to do almost all chest pushups using the higher knee option. In 2011, I would like to progress to my toes. In addition, my tricep pushups need some work. My form does not seem to be correct and I cannot do any of them on anything but the lowest option. Definitely some room for improvement here.

3. Tuck Jumps - 2010 was the year of conquering plyos. Next up is tuck jumps. These moves kick my butt extensively. Goal is to be able to teach at least a couple different track 9s and do all of them high.

4. Track Scripting and Objectives - I'd like to be able to script 1 or 2 tracks, and work on my different cue styles. I also need to be better at reading through my choreography notes for track objectives and things that need to be said.

5. Class Connection - Finally, I want to work on connecting with my class more. Use names, get more people excited about my class, talk with them more, get more feedback, and just be better at connecting with my members.

This is definitely an exciting year for goals. What are some of your goals???

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning New Releases

One thing that often daunts us as instructors is trying to learn a new release and prepare for launch while managing a full time career, going to school, being a parent, or any number of other responsibilities. This is especially true if you are certified in and teaching more than one format. Often we find ourselves with a week before launch and anywhere between 20 and 50 tracks to learn. Although for some, choreography is very easy to memorize, I wanted to share the method I've adapted for the past 2 releases.

Pick one day a week when you're not teaching, taking another class, or otherwise have a dedicated/committed workout. Do the new release as your workout for the day. Do this every week for the entire "pre-launch" period. Voila... No prob.

Now I know what you're thinking... this seems unnecessary, you don't have the time, it's boring... etc. But consider the following points:

1. BodyAttack 71 is a butt-kicker. Tracks 4, 5, 9, and 10 are incredibly challenging. After I watched the masterclass for the first time, I knew that I was going to need to practice this release several times back to front just to build my endurance for the two peaks. I also knew my form would need work in 5 and 10, as I am uncoordinated and upper body strength is not my strong point.

2. Ok, so you say your endurance is not a problem and you don't need to worry about it? It's one thing to memorize counting and moves... it's an entirely different animal to actually get out in the "real world" and perform these tracks back to front... you could find yourself out of breath and struggling during track 3. You have no idea until you do a "dress rehersal" as it were. Would you go into a concert completely unprepared and without having practiced your material? Not even close. The same thing applies.

3. It's an opportunity to push and critique yourself without having to worry about failing in front of anyone else. Let's face it... we all have off days. One of my goals is to be able to do an entire class in high without having to take options. Obviously, teaching a class is not the place to do this, as we need to show options and cater to the class in front of us. Practicing on your own allows you to push yourself without the extra work of talking on mic. Also, if you do this in front of a mirror, it's a fantastic opportunity to check your technique and find room for improvement.

4. Finally, as instructors, it's our job to know our material. I know that many of us have other instructors team with us for launch, and that in a sense this makes it unnecessary to learn an entire release. Let me just tell you... this is a gamble and one that could bite you in the butt big time. For Attack 70, I decided to learn the entire release even though I had 4 other instructors who were teaming with me. At the last minute, 1 person dropped out and none of the other 3 knew the tracks she had been assigned to teach. Now imagine if all 4 had dropped out... see how you can easily find yourself in quite the predicament? Be a professional... learn your stuff.

For me, I really look forward to my Wednesday workout (that's when I do this!). It's a fantastic opportunity for me to check my progress of memorization, build my endurance, and watch myself for technical issues with form that I can correct. As you get closer to launch, you can change the DVD to music only, or just use the music, and even practice scripting a track or two!

For any of my local peers, you can find me every Wednesday between 2:30ish and 4:15ish in Chandler Studio B practicing the new release. You're welcome to join me anytime.

Happy Learning!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Longest/Shortest Attack Mixes 46-Current

As a tip of the hat to Glen Stollery, I'm publishing what actually is a very helpful tool. When mixing releases together, it's important to pay attention to the length of your songs and your total mix. As I've said before, this only calculates from release 46 forward in order to stay within the current class structure. Also, I did compare the older track 10's (when 10/11 were 1 track) to the newer split variation.

LONGEST MIX - 1 Hour, 6 Minutes, 0 Seconds
  1. Closer (67)/Feels Like A Prayer (70) - 5:23
  2. Baby Baby (51) - 6:18
  3. Disco Energy (61) - 5:26
  4. Apache Rocks The Bottom (58) - 6:03
  5. It's The Incredible (50) - 5:18
  6. Where Is The Love (59) - 5:44
  7. You Can't Stop The Beat (61) - 5:33
  8. Like The Sun (55) - 6:01
  9. No Limit (46) - 6:42
  10. Shame,Shame,Shame (60)/Upside Down (71) - 4:16
  11. Beautiful Liar (59) - 4:10
  12. Swing Low (46) - 5:06

SHORTEST MIX - 0 Hours, 47 Minutes, 11 Seconds
  1. If I Could Turn Back Time (46) - 4:04
  2. That's Not My Name (65) - 4:00
  3. I Am Ready (60) - 4:18
  4. Jump (51) - 4:07
  5. Crazy (61) - 3:48
  6. In The Heat Of The Night (68) - 4:23
  7. Pretty Vegas (53) - 4:16
  8. Sing Hallelujiah (49) - 4:18
  9. Black Betty (61) - 4:41
  10. Cry For You (64) - 3:17
  11. Like This (60) - 2:57
  12. Replay (69) - 3:02

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi! I'm Chad... Welcome to my BodyAttack Blog!

Even though I've already begun uploading resources and information, I thought I should formally introduce myself to those of you who are unfamiliar with me. My name is Chad, and I am a current BodyAttack and BodyPump instructor based in the Phoenix, AZ area. BodyAttack is definitely my passion in life... people ask me what my dream career would be? I'd absolutely love to assist Lisa Osborne!

In order to understand my passion, I should probably share a little of my life story. I was overweight from ages 9-24. In June of 2007 I weighed 418 pounds. I had reasons for turning to food as more than food, as any overweight person does. But I had dealt with most of my issues and decided that I was no longer the person who needed weight or food to hide, and I made a decision to change. In 2 years, I lost 212 pounds. The first 160 I lost on my own, using various methods of exercise such as the treadmill, stairmaster, DVDs, etc. (Funny story... I had an aerobics DVD I'd done off and on all throughout my childhood that was my favorite exercise... I should've known then I'd be good at learning choreography and doing classes!) I was burnt out and went for 5 months without doing any exercise whatsoever. Long story short... I was introduced to Les Mills via a chance encounter, and immediately fell in love with the classes. It took only 3 months for me to lose the last 40 pounds. I have been addicted ever since... primarily to Attack, Pump, and Combat. Attack itself is the love of my life... I went from Fat, to Participant, to Front/Center Participant, to Instructor. It is my goal to be a BodyAttack Trainer.

It is my wish to share my love for this program with anyone who wants it. I truly could talk to you about BodyAttack for hours. In a period of 5 months, I have built my back library all the way back to BodyAttack 51, and have access to all releases back to Attack 46. I dedicate countless hours and energy to this program, and improving myself, hoping to deliver the best experience possible. I tell all of my classes... Do the Hokey Pokey if you need to, but just keep moving, have fun, and burn calories. As long as you do that, I've done my job and you will (hopefully!) be back next week.

That's it in a nutshell for now... I will definitely be building this place up. If you have any feedback or ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Track Lists Availabile, A Note About Older Releases

The complete track listings for BodyAttack 46 forward are now available. I will eventually load Attack 1-45 as well as some limited information on how to incorporate older releases into the new structure, for anyone who needs the resource.

As a note and general rule of thumb, I submitted a request to Les Mills for a copy of the education session found on BodyAttack 47, which specifically addresses how to incorporate older tracks into the current BodyAttack structure. Maureen Baker, the International Training Manager, spoke to Lisa Osborne on my behalf. Lisa replied that she prefer instructors not teach anything prior to Attack 46, due to recent changes in the program (BPMs, the introduction of Attack 3-D, choreography updates and etc.) Because I am trying to create a complete archive, I will include all the information I have available. But I did want to make note of the feedback I received.

Complete BODYATTACK Track List 46-Current

*Updated 2.14.13

1. Back In Time (Basslouder Remix Edit) – Phat Bomb
2. Good Time – Enchanted Dance
3. Suave (Nick Skitz vs Technoposse Remix Edit) – Nick Skitz & Miami Ink
4. Rock The World – Ideal Heaven
5. Bonfire – Falcon Earl
6. Summer Of Love – Cascada
7. Barbra Streisand – First Exhibit
8. Bridge Of Light – Therapy Loop
9. Where Have You Been – Embodied Temple
10. Wings – Ladies Eclipse
11. Fist Pump, Jump Jump – Ying Yang Twins feat. Greg Tecoz
12. Winner – Pet Shop Boys 
1. We Are Young - Sincere Cast
2. Scream - Killah Swagger
*BONUS 2 - Nothing Can Hold Us Back - Bryce feat. J-Malik
3. Starships - Smiling Target
4. All U Deejays - Getaway IX
5. Rock The Boat - Bob Sinclair feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop
6. Drive By - Live Tonight
7. Clap Your Hands - Living Reptile
8. Bright Like The Sun - Sy & Unknown feat. Kirsten Joy
9. Breathing - Ruff Cash
10. We Run The Night (A Remix) - The Positive Swan
11. Let It Go - Dragonette
12. I'll Follow You - Shinedown
1. We Found Love - Venus Jones
2. Good Life - Spoken Crush
3. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Across Watch
4. 2 The Back - Coconut Analog
5. Push It - The Grinding Mind
6. Something's Gotta Hold On Me - Solitary Wolf
7. Stomp To My Beat - Solo Construction
8. My Forever Love - Sy & Unknown
9. Nessaja - Scooter
10. To The Moon And Back - Livin R & Pink Noisy feat. Nekk
11. Wild Ones - High Rolla
12. Fly - Dial Fidelity
1. Beautiful Day – Londan Villian
2. Get Dat Love – Ambitious Tribe
3. Firework – English Rush
4. My Sharona – Addicted Diamond
5. I’m A Machine – B. Ranch & Little G
6. You And I – Sweat Box
7. Bounce – Klassify feat. Sensus & Devonne
8. Dominoes – Rag Rhino
9. Mr. Saxobeat – DJ Loud
10. I Like How It Feels – Solitary Phase
11. Light It Up – Stan Walker feat. Static Revenger
12. Don’t Forget Your Roots – Six60
1. San Francisco - Fine Tunes
2. Mas - Nnxt
3. Notorious - Global Nation
4. Twilight Zone - Colourbox
5. You Got The Love - Grace
6. Ridin' Solo - Jason Born
7. Badman Riddim - The Spring Act
8. Angels - Reversal Switch
9. Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason Born
10. Night Of Your Life - Olson Bjerre
11. Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
12. All That You Are - Goo Goo Dolls
1. Give Me Everything - Jason Born
2. Party Rock Anthem - Party Playaz feat. The Rocks
3. Freakin' Perfect - Flo Drive
4. Party Over Here - Dan Winter
5. Sweat - Duration Plus
6. Night Nurse - Studio 88
7. We No Speak Americano - Mario vs. Global
8. Fallin' - Breeze vs. Barley feat. Taya
9. Fading Like A Flower - Vegas Crashers
10. The Edge Of Glory - Southern Light
11. Own This Club - DJ Marc
12. Telling The World - Logan S.
1. Seek Bromance - MasterControl feat. Kiki
2. Life Of A Superstar - Starburst feat. TT
3. Whip My Hair - Mandy Brewer
4. Fight For Your Right - Crass Crew
5. Born This Way - Southern Light
*BONUS 5 - No Way But The Hard Way - AB/CD
6. Never Leave You - Steve Rage feat. Julija
7. Bbbbbbbounce - Breat Soldiers
8. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Mabra
9. Grenade - Rico Davoli
10. Higher - Logan S. feat. Juno
11. On The Floor - Red Beans & Rice
12. Let's Go - Blue Tide
1. Only Girl In The World (E-Nergy Remix) - Nick Skitz vs DJ Lotus
2. Dirtee Disco - Freenote
3. Raise Your Glass - Marlee Hines
4. Shake It - Timeless Kru
5. I Got My Eye On You - Pack 'n Pop feat. Binz
6. Wherever You Will Go (Starsweeper Remix) - Spike
7. Head, Shoulderz, Kneez & Toez - Beat Soldiers
8. We Dance On - Subz Project
9. Are You Ready For This - Sweat, Sweat, Hoodie
10. Higher - Global Nation
11. Yeah 3x - Chris Brown
12. What Do You Got - Hiroshi Free
1. California Gurlz – Club Madness
2. Starstruckk (Kris McTwain Remix) – Star Wipe
3. Hammer To The Heart – Freedom Seekers
4. Move It – Rhythm Twins
5. Drummer Boy – Alesha Dixon
6. Saturday – Starburst feat. TT
7. It’s On – Amanda Myers
8. Like A Rainbow – ReCon & Demand
9. Do You Love Ya’ Hardcore? – Northern Accelerators
10. Club Can’t Handle Me – Chani
11. Start Without You – Alexandra Burke feat. Laza Morgan
12. One Day At a Time – Mondo Libre
1. One Love (B-Tastic Remix) - Pi
2. Good Times - Turbo
3. Mama Do - Maddy Ryan
4. Swing - MC Joe & The Vanillas
5. Gettin' Over You - Computer Love
6. In My Head - Young Drake
7. Would You Raise Your Hands - Rogue Traiders
8. On My Way - Digital Rush
9. Jumping All Over The World/Welcome To The Club - Scooter/Manian
10. Upside Down - Paloma Faith
11. Winner - Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake
12. Sign Of A Victory - Sandy Lewis
1. Feels Like A Prayer 2010 - M&D feat. Hazel
2. Bad Romance - Pandora
3. Me Against The Music - Computer Love
4. Music Is Moving - ClubHouse
5. Feel It - Grid Masters feat. Macka
6. Take On Me - BoomBap
7. Stamp On The Ground - Johnny Condor
8. Battlefield - Vinka Luda
9. Proud Mary - Masia
10. On And On - Anja Solar
11. Holiday - Dizzee Rascal
12. Empire State Of Mind - Chani feat. Paulette
1. I Gotta Feeling - Orangez
2. Boys And Girls - Spacejammers
3. Real Things - DJ Sophia Feat. Lucy
4. Dream A Dream - Captain Jack
5. Sexy Chick - Olson Bjerre Feat. Sam Knowles
6. Sunshine After The Rain - Flip & Fill
7. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) - Fortune Crew
8. Dangerous - Rhythm Twins
9. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) - Masia
10. Down - Club4Life
11. Tik Tok - Ke$ha
12. Replay - Lyaz
1. Evacuate The Dancefloor - Studio88 (DJ KTW Remix)
2. Don't Upset The Rhythm - Ultimate
3. Fire Burning - Mikey Index
4. Are You Gonna Go My Way - Sam Bug
5. I Love Rock 'n' Roll/I Like It - Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney/
6. In The Heat Of The Night - Block Busters
7. Lala Song - Bounce Boys
8. Freedom - SuperDeep
9. We Are The Champions - 20/20
10. And I Try - Face2Face
11. Celebration - Vanessa Ribas
12. Hold My Hand - Birds & Nature
1. Closer - Chris Crew
2. Release Me - Agnes
3. Gimme More - Mandy Brewer
4. Rock It - Bhuvan Brothers
5. Boom Boom Pow - Beat Factory
6. Number 1 - Beat Bandits From Outer Space
7. Put A Donk On It - Northern Accelerators
8. Take Me To The Clouds Above - Global Nation
9. Zombie - Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz
10. Wherever - Stafford Brothers Vs Hoxton Whores feat. Frank Stafford
11. Goodbye - Jessica Friendly
12. People Get Ready - Seal
1. Just Dance - De-Grees
2. Womanizer - Skipping Crew
3. Fly On The Wall - Dana deWit
4. Big Fiesta - Beat Bandits From Outer Space
5. Get Shaky - The Ian Carey Project
6. When You Leave - CJ Murry
7. Wild Wild West 08 - Party Playaz
8. I Kissed A Girl - Space Jammers
*BONUS 8 - Rise Again - Rhythm Twins
9. Take It To The Limit - Badlands
10. Can't Get Over - September
11. Right Round - Flo Rida Feat. Ke$ha
12. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
1. Everywhere - Master Blaster
2. That's Not My Name - KopyKatz
3. Baby I'm On Fire - DJ Razorsharp
4. Tubthumping - Smash & Grab
5. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
6. Rhythm Of The Night - Amber Luck
7. Don't Want To Go To Bed Now - Southern Light
8. True Faith - Kelly Duncan
9. Jump - Tony Moroni & The HardOutCrew
10. Sneakernight - Vanessa Hudgens
11. Pokerface - Lady Gaga
12. The Best Is Yet To Come - Hinder
1. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Mike Stone
2. Don't Give Me Your Life - Romy Koolhouse
3. Do You Wanna Funk - Linda E & Trance Pacific Express
4. Crank Dat - MC X
5. Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
6. All I Ever Wanted - Daytripper
7. C'Mon C'Mon - Norwegian Wood
8. Something Good '08 - Club4Life
9. I Need A Hero - DJ Capricorne feat. Lisa Lowe
10. Cry For You - September
11. Disturbia - Rihanna
12. Just Stand Up! - Various Artists
1. Knowing Me, Knowing You - DCX
2. Crazy Loop - Christian Blume
3. I Hate Myself For Loving You - Badlands Inc
4. The Riddle - East Blokk
5. Whine Up - Dynamix
6. Everybody's Free - Club4Life
7. 369 - Cupid
8. See The Light - Auxiliary Express
9. And No Matches - Dance Floor Dons
10. Can't Speak French - Girls Aloud
11. Can You Hear Me - Enrique Iglesias
12. No Air - Jordin Sparks
1. Big Girls Don't Cry - Dance Floor Dons
2. You Keep Me Hangin' On - Veronica Arum
3. Shock Out - Faster Faster Feat GG
4. Party People - Party Playaz
5. Ghostbusters - Ivory
6. Paradise & Dreams - Hard Out Crew
7. Mercy - KopyKatz
8. Boogie 2Nite - Los Orchestros Locos
9. Just Like Paradise - Techno-Logika
10. Drive Out - Sunfreakz
11. Sun Goes Down - David Jordan
12. With You - Chris Brown
1. Faith - Latin Invasion
2. Don't Mess With My Man - Celebration Libre
3. Disco Energy - East Blokk
4. The Question Is, What Is The Question? - Dance Floor Dons
5. Crazy - Lumidee Feat. Pitbull
6. I Need A Miracle - Blau
7. You Can't Stop The Beat - Hairspray Cast
8. We Belong - The Strange Attractors
9. Black Betty - Faster Faster Feat GG
10. One - Marija Storm
11. Hook Me Up - The Veronicas
12. Believe Again - Delta Goodrem
1. Come Into My World - Nick Skitz Feat. Mary Kiani
2. Don't Stop The Music - Jerry Watson
3. I Am Ready - Dance Floor Dons
4. Yeah - Hi-Res
5. Kiss Your Mama - Vanessa Amorosi
6. Freedom - Klaus B. Werner
7. You've Got To - The Young Punx!
8. I Believe - Pistolet
9. Thnks Fr The Mmrs - Toast And Jam Featuring Ant P
10. Shame, Shame, Shame - Celebration Libre
11. Like This - Kelly Rowland Feat. Sean P.
12. Fly Away - Erasure
1. Truly Madly Deeply - Cascada
2. Wind It Up - Faster Faster Feat GG
3. Spiderman - Toast & Jam Feat. Ant P
4. U Spin Me - DJ Denzi
5. Dirty - BodyRockers
6. Where Is The Love - Kelston Ragga Crew
7. Mambo - Latin Invasion
8. When I Close My Eyes - Pistolet
9. Pump It Up - Hard Out Crew
10. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - DJ Evil Shock
11. Beautiful Liar - Beyonce Feat. Shakira
12. Do You Know? - Enrique Iglesias
1. High Enough To Dream - JoJo And Rudi
2. Superfreak - Southern Light
3. La La - KopyKatz
4. Apache Rocks The Bottom - Hard Out Crew
5. Walk This Way - Sugababes Vs. Girls Aloud
6. Heat Of The Moment - Zakke Snor
7. Chelsea Dagger - Double A
8. Kiss The Sky - Rhythm Twins
9. Layla - Pistolet
10. Grace Kelly - Mika
11. Take Control - Amerie
12. She's Madonna - Robbie Williams With. Pet Shop Boys
1. All Over The World - Southern Light
2. A To The B - Zakke Snor
3. Little Don - Zen Dog
4. Tutti Frutti - DJ Denzi
5. Beware Of The Dog - Jamelia
6. Forever Young - Colorbox
7. He Ho D'Samba - Latin Invasion
8. Mad World - Marija Storm
9. Highway To Hell - AB/CD
10. I Feel Free - Dodge Ums
11. Do It To It - Cherish Feat. Sean Paul
12. It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Meat Loaf
1. Paul McCartney - Scissor Sisters
2. Whenever Wherever - Phuntune
3. Laser Light - Colorbox
4. Aluba - Crustee Crew
5. Lolita - Prince
6. Bad Day - KopyKatz
7. Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Maximum
8. Wanna Be Free - DJ Denzi
9. Nowhere Fast - Southern Light
10. World, Hold On - Bob Sinclair
11. When I Think Of You - Lee Ryan
1. This Is The World We Live In - Southern Light
2. S.O.S. - Pearl Star
3. Work Me Down - Maximum
4. Rock Beat - DJ Microman
5. Superman - Holy Ghost
6. Paradise - Hixxy & Re-Con
7. I Said Never Again (But Here We Are) - Rachel Stevens
8. Like The Sun - Marija Storm
9. The Real Thing - Party Playaz
10. Move In My Direction - Bananarama
11. Sexy Love - Ne-Yo
1. Be There - Carlotta Chadwick
2. Hung Up - S.B.I.
3. Brazil - OneZeroOne
4. Everybody On The Floor - DJ Denzi
5. Flaunt It - Tv Rock Feat. Seany B
6. Smalltown Boy - KopyKatz
7. Way To Go - Rogue Traders
8. Everytime We Touch - Rhythm Twins
9. Music Maestro - Maximum
10. Hypnotic - Bomfunk MC's Feat. Elena Mady
11. That's My Goal - Shayne Ward
1. Open Your Heart - Maximum
2. Finally - Love To Infinity Feat. Charlotte Day
3. From Paris To Berlin - Rhythm Twins
4. I Can't Stand It - Southern Light
5. We Be Burnin' - Sean Paul
6. Right In The Night - Pure Essence
7. Pretty Vegas - OneZeroOne
8. I Can Fly - DJ Denzi
9. Hello! (Good To Be Back) - KopyKatz
10. Push The Button - Sugababes
11. Far Away - Nickelback
1. Proud (Remix) - Heather Small
2. Don't Phunk With My Heart - Red Rhythm Feat. Dill
3. Be My Lover - Pure Essence
4. Popcorn - Rhythm Twins
5. Roc Ya Body "Mic 1,2" - M.V.P.
6. Silent Running - Maximum
7. Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) - Southern Light
8. Listen To Your Heart - Colorbox
9. Round And Round - BodyRockers
10. Are You Ready - Shakaya
11. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
1. Have It All - ALX
2. Baby Baby - Pure Essence
3. A New Bad Desire - OneZeroOne
4. Jump - KopyKatz
5. Crabbuckit - k-os
6. Fly Away - Visa
7. Put Your Hands Up In The Air - Party Playaz
8. Set You Free - N-Trance
9. Runaway - Rhythm Twins
10. Sunrise - Angel City
11. Hope - Twista Feat. Faith Evans
*BONUS 11 - Christmas Time - Backstreet Boys
1. I Love My Radio - Los Primeros
2. Sex - Party Playaz
3. Rock It - OneZeroOne
4. C'mon Ride It (The Train) - Rhythm Twins
5. It's The Incredible - Fast Crew
6. I Was Made For Loving You - Southern Light
7. Cherry Bomb - DJ Denzi
8. Miracle - KopyKatz
9. Thug Boy - Breeze & Styles
10. Get Down On It - Blue feat. Kool & The Gang
11. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
1. Can't Stop To Follow - T90
2. Mr. Vain - DJ HUSH
3. Queen Of Your Heart - Milk And Coffea
4. Ola - DJ Denzi
5. Car Wash (Shark Tale Mix) - Christina Aguilera feat. Missy Elliott
6. Summer Rain - Rhythm Twins
7. Chocolate - Soul Control
8. Sing Hallelujah - Danger Crew
9. Party Affair - Party Playaz
10. Keep Movin' On - Supacupa
11. Learn To Fly - Shannon Noll
1. Nothing I Won't Do - Special D
2. Absolutely Everybody - Danger Crew
3. Lolita - Laurie
4. Rewind The Music Now! - DJ Denzi
5. Rock Dis Room - Reanimator feat. Stixx
6. Hungry Eyes - Reliable
7. ABC - OneZeroOne
8. Footloose - Rhythm Twins
9. Poison - Dark Realm
10. Luz De La Luna - Paradiso feat. Maria Del Rio
11. Happy People - R. Kelly
1. Gimme Fantasy - Pure Essence feat. Sandra Hill
2. When You're Looking Like That - MC Boy
3. Hot Stuff - DJ Miko
4. - KopyKatz
5. Breathe, Don't Stop - MR On feat. Jungle Brothers
6. Run To You - ColorBox feat. JoJo
7. Gonna Make You Sweat - KopyKatz
8. Jump For Joy - 2 Unlimited
9. We Will Rock You - Trojan Horse
10. Signed Sealed Delivered - Colton Ford & Pepper Mashay
11. Everytime - Britney Spears
1. If I Could Turn Back Time - Dark Realm
2. Oh L'Amour 2003 - Erasure
3. Brother Louie - Modern Talking
4. What's Up - DJ Denzi
5. Hello - The Cat Empire
6. Born To Be Alive - JoJo And Rudi
7. Speed It Up - Danger Crew
8. Sweet Dreams My LA Ex - Dance Floor Dons
9. No Limit - OneZeroOne
10. Viva Viva - Obsession
11. Swing Low - UB40 feat. The United Colours Of Sound