Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi! I'm Chad... Welcome to my BodyAttack Blog!

Even though I've already begun uploading resources and information, I thought I should formally introduce myself to those of you who are unfamiliar with me. My name is Chad, and I am a current BodyAttack and BodyPump instructor based in the Phoenix, AZ area. BodyAttack is definitely my passion in life... people ask me what my dream career would be? I'd absolutely love to assist Lisa Osborne!

In order to understand my passion, I should probably share a little of my life story. I was overweight from ages 9-24. In June of 2007 I weighed 418 pounds. I had reasons for turning to food as more than food, as any overweight person does. But I had dealt with most of my issues and decided that I was no longer the person who needed weight or food to hide, and I made a decision to change. In 2 years, I lost 212 pounds. The first 160 I lost on my own, using various methods of exercise such as the treadmill, stairmaster, DVDs, etc. (Funny story... I had an aerobics DVD I'd done off and on all throughout my childhood that was my favorite exercise... I should've known then I'd be good at learning choreography and doing classes!) I was burnt out and went for 5 months without doing any exercise whatsoever. Long story short... I was introduced to Les Mills via a chance encounter, and immediately fell in love with the classes. It took only 3 months for me to lose the last 40 pounds. I have been addicted ever since... primarily to Attack, Pump, and Combat. Attack itself is the love of my life... I went from Fat, to Participant, to Front/Center Participant, to Instructor. It is my goal to be a BodyAttack Trainer.

It is my wish to share my love for this program with anyone who wants it. I truly could talk to you about BodyAttack for hours. In a period of 5 months, I have built my back library all the way back to BodyAttack 51, and have access to all releases back to Attack 46. I dedicate countless hours and energy to this program, and improving myself, hoping to deliver the best experience possible. I tell all of my classes... Do the Hokey Pokey if you need to, but just keep moving, have fun, and burn calories. As long as you do that, I've done my job and you will (hopefully!) be back next week.

That's it in a nutshell for now... I will definitely be building this place up. If you have any feedback or ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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