Monday, December 27, 2010

Track Lists Availabile, A Note About Older Releases

The complete track listings for BodyAttack 46 forward are now available. I will eventually load Attack 1-45 as well as some limited information on how to incorporate older releases into the new structure, for anyone who needs the resource.

As a note and general rule of thumb, I submitted a request to Les Mills for a copy of the education session found on BodyAttack 47, which specifically addresses how to incorporate older tracks into the current BodyAttack structure. Maureen Baker, the International Training Manager, spoke to Lisa Osborne on my behalf. Lisa replied that she prefer instructors not teach anything prior to Attack 46, due to recent changes in the program (BPMs, the introduction of Attack 3-D, choreography updates and etc.) Because I am trying to create a complete archive, I will include all the information I have available. But I did want to make note of the feedback I received.

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