Monday, July 30, 2012

BODYATTACK 78 Tracklist

Tracklists are out, along with the sizzlers.  I've also included the original version artists that I know in italics so that if you're wondering about the song, you can look it up.  If you have any corrections for this, let me know and I will add it!  I'm also going to be updating the master list and longest/shortest mix lists.

A couple notes:  I'm incredibly excited to watch 78, since it's presented by Lisa, Amy and Bevan.  I've also seen most of the 79 playlist, and sufficed to say that, provided the remixes are good, I'm VERY happy with the current direction of the music.

I have already began my review for BODYATTACK 77, and have been working very closely with Les Mills in prep for the big interview with Lisa O!  Exciting times here in Attack-land!
  1. We Found Love - Venus Jones (Rihanna)
  2. Good Life - Spoken Crush
  3. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Across Watch (Kelly Clarkson)
  4. 2 The Back - Coconut Analog
  5. Push It - The Grinding Mind (Salt n Pepa)
  6. Something's Gotta Hold On Me - Solitary Wolf
  7. Stomp To My Beat - Solo Construction
  8. My Forever Love - Sy & Unknown
  9. Nessaja - Scooter (Scooter)
  10. To The Moon And Back - Livin R & Pink Noisy feat. Nekk (Savage Garden)
  11. Wild Ones - High Rolla
  12. Fly - Dial Fidelity (Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj)


  1. Thanks for posting Chad! Looking forward to reading that review when you get around to posting it. I couldn't agree more about the musical direction, gimme more of releases like 75 please.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I am interested to see if 78 continues moving in this direction, or if it's quite different (as I feel 76 was). I just got billed for it, so hoping to see it in the next couple weeks. There will be plenty to write about! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Any chance of a review of 77 Chad?

    1. Don't know if you care about my experiences or review but I started Body Attack again (though did a few months of it some five years ago) right at the end of 76, so got to go through the whole 77 period.

      I loved it. The running track (6) was weaksauce, boring with underwhelming moves, but everything else was great. Really strong moves and no overly complicated dance steps, though some fun ones especially the disco-dancer bit in T2.

      The agility track (T6) was strong without being overly complicated, and the final cardio track (T9) with the jacks, jumping stars, and final lengthy run is sheer brilliance.

      It seem to me a really focused release. I've lost fifty pounds of flab thanks to doing a R77 each and every day.

      I have maybe 25 pounds to go so fingers crossed R78 will have the same effect over the next three months.

  3. Will post it tonight E, and fun to hear your thoughts as well, Wolf!

  4. BA 78 is a huge disappointment. Music and most of the choreo are 2nd grade, boring and over repetitive. Hope 79 will be at least as good as 77 which was one of the better Attacks.

  5. Not sure what its from but I recently did body attack and there was a song that was very fast and upbeat that said something about a row boat and 3,6,9 the goose drank wine. Do you know what song that might be?

  6. That's 369 (Featuring B.O.B) by Cupid. BA 63 track 7.

  7. Thanks Han! I was going to reply to this last night and fell asleep. I also need to get that 77 review up today!! Life gets insane!