Monday, January 24, 2011

Program Development

Something I've been thinking about lately is program development. It's interesting how at this current point in time, 4-5 releases are, in some form or another, "active" if you will. For example, with Attack right now:

  • Attack 70 is the most recently launched release at my club. Granted, we seem to be one of the last places in the world to launch new releases, but we still market 70 as the "newest release" as of this writing.
  • Attack 71 is set to launch in 2 weeks. I pretty much have the entire thing memorized. This would also be the release performed at the most recent quarterlies here in the USA, and the new posters are being hung, teased, etc.
  • Attack 72 was filmed in early November, and is in the final stages of post-production. I received my "30 day notice" from my agent for autoship about a week ago.
  • Attack 73 is set to film in 11 days. This means the entire routine is pretty much finalized, the presenters are about to head to New Zealand for rehersals, and things are nearly ready to go.
  • Attack 74 (I'm assuming) is currently in its infancy, with music selection in the works and initial ideas on choreography being written in pencil.

I can't imagine the life of a Program Director. They never really get the chance to teach old stuff it would seem, since probably a good portion of their teaching is devoted to trialing and refining the new stuff. I suppose it never gets boring, but I would miss my back catalog!

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