Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Recently, I've been going through some hard times as an instructor. I tell you this not for pity, but in order to explain any misinterpretations that are going on out there. My hope is that this will put all the drama to rest and help mend relationships. I don't know if this is the case, but it's all I can do on my part to try and bridge the gap.

I became a Group Fitness Instructor for one reason and one reason only: to share the passion that has so richly impacted my life with others. I found myself wanting to be part of something while going to my classes. I wanted to be part of a team of fun and inspiring individuals who help others reach their goals. This is because I myself know what it feels like to be alone in a world of extra weight... to feel hopeless and out of control is bad, but to suffer alone is what makes it unbearable.

Recently, some in my circle feel as though I've gotten a bit carried away. I've been called arrogant, overly-passionate, pretentious, and unofficially blacklisted by several of my peers. I've been told I have no business writing a blog and that I should essentially shut up and go away. The only reason I started writing a blog in the first place is because I needed somewhere to channel my energy since I wasn't getting to teach at all for a while.

My teammates, I love all of you, and you've all been part of my journey to try and become a better instructor. When I ask to work with you or team a class, it is because I want to draw from your strengths and also because I enjoyed feeling like part of a great team. I've never intended to "outdo" anyone else and while I do want to make a career out of this, I never meant to ruffle anyone's feathers. I welcome all feedback and if anyone wants to tell me things to help me improve in a civilized fashion, I would gladly listen. I'm sorry if I suck as an instructor, or if I get on anyone's nerves. I just wanted to be part of something great.

Many of you have been nothing but gracious and welcoming of me, and you have all been a Godsend. I appreciate all of you and really wish nothing more then to be friends and work together to share our common passion.


  1. Sadly, I'm not surprised that people are reacting to you like this. I've had the same reactions from people for my blog as well.

    Les Mills constantly are welcoming the opinions of their instructors, and your writing just ebbs with passion for the program, and love for the impact it has on members. While not an Attacker, I find your passion inspiring and find it refreshing that you write from your heart.

    If people don't like your blog, they are not obliged to read it. The problem is with them, not with you.

    My thoughts are with you, my friend. One Tribe :) Kia Kaha.

  2. Waiting for BodyAttack 101: 04 Plyometric... ;-)

  3. Comin your way soon Han!!! Thanks for reading!!!

  4. I totally agree with Marshmallow. It's a credit to you for taking the time to encourage others to share your passion for Bodyattack.

    There will always be negativity no matter what you say or write. Just stay true to yourself and the program you love so that you can continue to write this passionately about it for many years to come :)

    Hopefully you can inspire others to try this fantastic program which us Attackers can't stop raving about. KIA KAHA !!

  5. I read your post with a heavy heart....I wish I could fix the folks in this world that don't welcome you and others for who you and others are and for what you have to offer us! I love you, I love your class, I love your spirit and your excitement for life....AND I love the encouragement you offer to me each and every day. Keep your head held high and keep making all the differences you are making in this world. You are a treasure that I am blessed to call friend! :)