Monday, March 28, 2011

LMWC Quarterly

Hi kids!

I realize I've been a little MIA again! But it's all been for good reason let me tell you. Two weeks after the Attack AIM in Orlando, I had the pleasure of helping to work at the West Coast quarterly in San Francisco/San Ramon. Not only did I get to take Attack from Brent, Kendall, and Amanda, but I also got to help out behind the scenes and get a real sense of what goes into these workshops... and let me tell you... we (instructors) have no idea of the work that goes into these things. It is full on around the clock for about 48 hours nonstop. They have to pack everything up, get it all over from their office to whatever venue the Q is at, go over and set up the clothing stores (which have been inventoried beforehand), set up registration, build displays, set up barbells and benches for however many participants are going... it's intense work and a lot of physical labor. Then they all help run the event and help to break it down as the day goes on. These people deserve a lot of love and respect that they probably don't get, or aren't realized for.

One thing that was particularly fun for me was that, because I had a rental car, I got to help shuttle the program directors and presenters around a little bit. It was really fun to have a 5 minute one-on-one conversation with Dan Cohen about Combat, CX30, and just his love for what he does. He talked to me a little about his theories of calorie consumption and burnage as well. I also got to see a little of what the presenters do before they get on stage... Jackie Mills was about 20 feet from me doing a little zen routine to get herself in the "flow" (haha) of things. I know as an instructor that sometimes it's hard... when you're tired and just aren't sure if you've got it in you to go all out for 5 more minutes... I don't know how they do it, but they are all amazing.

I had so much fun and I'm very grateful to the LMWC staff for welcoming me with open arms. So now it's back to learning new tracks (especially this quarter's releases... LOVE BodyPump 77 in addition to BodyAttack 72... so I'm learning 22 tracks this time!) and looking towards the future with optimism! It felt fantastic to have so many great people around me and just amazing energy! Below are a few photos from the event:

Attack Presenting Team: Kendall Kimball and Brent McLemore (who were my trainers... so this was a fun reunion) and Amanda Scales, who I saw in Attack 69 but never had the pleasure of meeting before. She is an extremely dynamic presenter and one of my new role models. (PS... turns out Kendall has a twin sister named Kerry who is brand new to the LM scene!!! She did the quarterly this weekend and she's super fun!!!)
Megan McCormack, who is responsible for training events in WC, and Nicole Hagar, an amazing friend and a Jackie-of-All-Trades for WC. I'm so grateful we've gotten to hang out and become better friends.

Michelle McLemore, the amazing lady who makes the West Coast Quarterlies happen. She runs flawless events and kicks serious butt, and I wish I had her energy! (Isn't she beautiful??)

Next up will be the Attack 101 track 5 post! Until then... keep turning it up!


  1. Hi, and great to hear from you again. I've been waiting for your new post like... I can't even describe.

    Track 5 is my love/hate track in Attack so it's going to be pretty interesting to read your 101 on that one!

    I only have 9 days to go... BodyAttack module training. I'm so nervous but excited :)

  2. Hey Hanne!

    Thank you sooo much! Your kind words make my day better as well.

    I KNOW RIGHT??? Pushups are my challenge for 2011... I finally started doing tricep pushups correctly (albeit on the knees) and have gotten to where I can do all the chest ones using the high knee option! Stick with it... you'll get there! What's your favorite pushup track???

    If you train on Attack 72, it is a fun release!!! And honestly... the pushup track is one of my favorites now!!! Brent (who I have my picture with above) presents it and he does a fantastic job!

    Keep me posted!!!

  3. Loved reading your post today and loved our talk after Attack this week! Love your enthusiam for what you do AND for the folks that make what you do happen! You're an inspiration! I am lucky to call you friend! Big hugs and love, Mr. Deets! XOXO :)

  4. Hi Chad! I just post a quick comment to tell you I managed to stay alive through the module training. I got pretty good feedback; my technical skills are good but I still need to improve my instructional skills. That's not a suprise for me since I'm just starting my instructor career! It's not the easiest thing to do with BodyAttack. But I'm rehearsing and getting there. I think it's not going to take long time because this is my passion. I noticed that when instructing, I definitely loved every second of it. So, I'm shadowing my first time tomorrow night :)

    BTW I had two tracks to instruct which were 8 and 9. I think 8 is probably the most challenging technically. (high kicks) but love the song and arm moves! Track 9 rocks and it was not very hard to instruct.

    ...Your next post? I would like to read it asap! Take care, Chad :D


  5. Hanne! I'm so so excited to hear from you!!! CONGRATS on finishing your module training. A few thoughts I had reading your comment:

    1. Attack is absolutely a tougher format to instruct (in my opinion). One of the reasons I started with Pump was because I wanted to be able to think a bit more about my coaching while on stage... in Attack it's constantly about what move comes next, how many counts are left, and trying to make sure you get those important cues about form and posture in. So even from someone experienced, I can totally appreciate that.
    2. Passion is key - You can't get where you want to go without it. I've learned so much about that this year...
    4. I posted for you! I'm hoping to do 101 05 this week too!!!

  6. Hi Chad,

    I submitted my 2-track video yesterday and got "pass" today so NOW I'm allowed to teach a class in real! I'm so happy :) My shadowing has gone pretty well, and I also have taught some BA tracks for my friends so I got experience that way :)

    And again, I can't wait for your 101 05 :D I hope you are doing good, Chad!